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Gall Stones

Gall Bladder is a pear shaped organ situated on the right upper abdomen, attached to the liver. The main function of the Gall Bladder is the temporary storage of bile and its release in to the duodenum via bile ducts. Bile aids in the digestion of the food.

Gall Stones is formation of hardened deposits with in the gall bladder.

Causes of formation of Gall Stones:

What leads to formation of the gall stones is not clearly understood but the proposed theory is:

(normally there is a balance between the concentration of cholesterol and bilirubin in the bile which helps to maintain these two in a soluble form, any alteration in the balance between the two will result into formation of insoluble deposits which coalesce to form gall stones)

Types of gall stones:

Depending upon the component which is more concentrated in the bile.

Risk factors for the formation of gall stones:

Symptoms of Gall Stone disease:

Gall stones may be silently present with no symptoms being caused which are picked up on routine tests/ tests done for some other indications.

Gall stones usually produce symptoms when the stone blocks the duct and causing its blockage. This results in –

Complications of the Gall Stone disease: 

Diagnostic Tests for Gall Stones: 

Treatment of Gall Stones:

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy is the procedure done for the treatment of Gall Stones. Gall bladder along with the containing stones is removed through the key hole incisions.

The postoperative course is usually smooth. Patient is usually discharged with in 24 hours after the surgery without any dietary or activity restrictions.

In our practice usually there are no stiches or dressings to be done.

Dr. Neeraj Dhamija Laparoscopic & Robotic Gastrointestinal Surgeon

Dr. Neeraj Dhamija expertise in Minimally Invasive Surgery (Laparoscopic & Robotic) of the Abdomen with special interest in Pancreatic Surgery. Currently working as, a consultant in the Department of Laparoscopic & General Surgery in the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi-India.

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